Why is lockdown so boring?

Lockdown usually means that people must stay where they are and may not enter or exit a building or rooms within it. All non-essential activities remain shut for the entire period. Only essential activities are allowed to run and only essential commodities can be bought.

Eight reasons why lockdown is so boring :-

• Humans are free souls. If you try to capture them then they will break your shackles and run away!

• In lockdown the bustling streets and roads seem like a ghost town.

• Prolonged lockdown may lead to dissent among family members if you are not living alone.

• You can’t go, buy and order from your favourite place or shop.

• You gain weight. If you are w.f.h. or studying online. You may want to eat more since you are staying at home.

• You start to miss your place of work/study and the atmosphere of that place.

• Less frequent or no contact with peers, friends and acquaintances.

• Trouble in getting jobs or internships.

Humans get confused when they have too many options and the same humans get restless when the options are shrinked.

By now we have become accustomed to the norms and lockdown. But that doesn’t mean we will live like this for the rest of our lives. No, just have patience and faith and soon you will be able to do everything that you used to before 2020!


  1. The lock down was never boring for me n no weight gain during WFH as I handle all household stuff and other things alone with limited diet by knowing the lack of exercise. For few it’s boon to manage their personal life along with their professional and for few others it’s bored may be their case would be different and it’s totally depends on how well we are prepared to accept the sudden changes in life.
    Very well analyzed n great post 👍

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  2. I got no problem with lockdown,if you can take care of yourself,got your money and understand that this is about saving lives and using common sense then whats the problem? So called normal was Racist,divisive, political driven and Materialistic, the Pandemic is about value and seeing What matters most,bump the superficial

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