Who doesn’t want money for 5% work and 95% fun? A stupid man perhaps! Well, I will not let you make that mistake.

Article writing websites allow you to make money through the comfort of your home! Do you know that writing just 3 to 4 articles per day can get you as much as 10000 to 15000 per month and even more!

Did you get excited and motivated just by reading this? Well, hold on!

Here’s the complete list of TOP 10 Article Writing Websites that will pay you MONEY!

•Spyre Studios

Spyre Studios is a great website if you are planning to make quick bucks through your writing skills. You get an edge over others if you are well versed in web designing. You can switch between posts/articles and blogging. For every article that gets accepted you get $50 and for great, descriptive articles up to $160.

• Funds for writers

Yes! You guessed it right! This website allows you to submit your writings and get paid for them. This website sticks to motivational and different contents on marketing, start-ups and success stories. Word count should be between 500-600 words, but feel free to explore. For an original content you get $50 and for reprints $15.

• Cosmopolitan

This is one blogging website that is constantly on the lookout for new and creative writers. For each post that gets selected they pay you $100. Cosmopolitan is an entertainment site which accepts articles related to love stories, college life, friends and what not! You will not regret writing for them.

• Dollar Stretcher

You read it just right! Dollar stretcher is a website that really allows you to stretch your purse with dollars if not an actual dollar. You can choose any content you love but just make sure that it’s unique and catchy as the website already has a ton of articles. You also need to confront your idea before writing your post. This website pays you $0.10 per word i.e. for a 1000 word article you get $100.

• Hub Pages

Feel free to make this website your hub for writing. This website allows you to explore through a plethora of content from science, literature, health, fashion or almost anything you can think of and write about it. Their payment is undisclosed.

• Dame

This is a website for those who love to abide by the rules and guidelines of the constitution and firmly believe in a democracy. This website covers topics like gender equality, lgbtq rights, racial discrimination, social class, caste system, civil rights and the equivalent. The writer must hold a firm belief on the topic he/she wishes to cover. This site pays you $200 for every post that gets published.

• Write Naked

Like the name the website too needs your curiosity. This site is run by a freelance writer named Tara Lynee. It takes a different spin on the contents and your way of expressing them so make sure to check out the published post to get an idea. The payment varies from $50 to $200 depending on your content and word count.

• Make A Living Writing

Carol the owner of the web page is a highly motivated writer and fun to work with. This website covers topics like social media, social media marketing, marketing, personal growth, writing art etc. Carol believes that everyone involved in writing blogs must be paid. You can get $75 for a brief post and $150 for an in-depth post.

• Mirasee

Mirasee is another great blogging website that pays you for the articles that you write. An article containing 1000-2000 words can get you around $200. The topics range from marketing,business,personal growth,productivity or something unique to the same field. At the moment it pays only for posts it grants licence.

• Theme Forest

Last but certainly not the least Theme Forest is the best website for web designers to make quick bucks. All you need to do is get acquainted with WordPress and you are good to go! It is the largest market of WordPress resources. Theme Forest pays $100 for every article that you submit.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your electronic notebook and start publishing!


  1. 💜 I Don’t Want “Money”; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Share and The “Money” just Turns Up unlike My Soul Spouse who is Obsessed with “Money” rather than LOVE!!!


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      • That’s cool 😎 .. But I want to monetize.. But I don’t get any proofs or someone form I could find advice..? If you are aware of someone you know personally make sure to connect me.. I would be happy😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • You could use google ad sense to monetise your website. If your website is a sub domain than First you need to change it into a domain than use Google Ad Sense, it will place ads based on your content allowing a positive chance of getting clicks.

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      • Yes sure Ashwin , i will try this and make you informed about that..!!
        have a great day and thankyou for this 🙂


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