Could the Delta B.1.617.2 be more effective than the vaccine?

Source – sciencenews

The Delta variant, Indian variant, or the Lineage B.1.617 has shown cases of  symptomatic vaccine breakthrough infections at a tertiary care place.

What is a symptomatic vaccine breakthrough?

Symptomatic vaccine breakthrough is when a person shows signs of reinfection after getting vaccinated with either or both shots of the vaccine. 

Why must you take the vaccine?

Believe this, without the vaccine you don’t stand a chance. Don’t believe me? Look at the figures. If you still think that you could beat the virus without getting vaccinated then perhaps scroll through your medical records. If you never had a flu, a fever or any other sickness than you do stand a chance or else please go and get vaccinated.

Could the Delta B.1.617.2 be more effective than the vaccine?

Yes, quite contradictory. The worst symptoms of reinfection after vaccination would be raging fever for a few days. One could recover and rebuild a strong body but you can’t recover from death. 

A study carried out at AIIMS showed that out of the 63 participants, the presence of Delta Variant was about 60 percent in people who received a double dose of either vaccine and it was found at 77 percent in people who received one dose.

No one died to COVID-19. Almost all cases reported high-grade unremitting fever for 5-7 days. But the vaccines remain very effective in preventing severe disease.


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  1. You know, I think people believe in man-made global warming, aliens from space coming to our homes, and this, because it’s easy to be greatly concerned with something they don’t have to face in real life. For instance, rather than face the fact a person has failed in work, in carreer, in raising their children, or being a thoughtful person in general, they pick these “big” things that are not the things to be concerned with. Easy.

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    • Global warming starts on a small scale such as cattle farming and then it becomes a huge problem like rise in temperature of the whole world. You are correct in saying that global warming is man made but unlike aliens it is not fiction!


      • Actually, and thanks for clarifying, I don’t believe in any global warming other than the natural cycles of space. However, I respect other people’s rights to their views. My own beliefs regarding the subject comes from several points (This is for the readers as well.): 1) We calculated the amount of soil on the planet, learning about the intricacies of chemicals interacting, calculated the amount of air and it’s compositions, calculated the amount of water on the Earth, among many other components, realizing the sheer mass of elements involved, 2) Considered the impact of components not of the Earth, 3) Listened to people who believe, seriously listening to the degree of realization they don’t have nearly the necessary information, but that something else is driving their beliefs (We’ve figured some of them.), 4) Listened to scientists who don’t believe man-made global anything is provable, something I came to the conclusion while thinking, driving across huge stretches of land, flying to other continent, and sailing, 5) Then realized most people don’t know how to think for themselves, something I struggled with, knew I struggled with in my youth, but made it key to understanding, seeing cause and effect relationships, and the need for the scientific method, which is never used with this for those who believe without understanding. **Any followers I’ve had know my position on this. I encourage anyone, reading this, to do the hard work, because I do believe we should study all of this, but never come to conclusions without the necessary information required. All the best. But man-made global warming is unproven, not provable, and what we know more is the Earth goes through cycles and more an impact are elements outside our control. Take care.

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      • So the climate agreements especially the Paris agreement are a sham? Do you know apart from Extremism people migrate because of global warming and changing weather conditions,


      • I will add something final here, then let the writer spill his/her thoughts and whatever that person feels necessary. Everything I thought useful to share, regarding this article, was said above. It’s for the reader to decide. And like Johnny Appleseed, once we share the seeds of common sense, we move on, looking for people who are seeking understanding, as I am.

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