“No strings attached” says Joe Biden ahead of the G7 summit.

President Biden commenced his speech by remembering Prince Philip and said it would have been his 100th birthday today, if he were alive.

President Biden while addressing the press in the UK said Covid-19 took 600,000 lives in the US. 

That is more than the total number of casualties from WW1, WW2, the Vietnam war and the attack of 9/11 combined.

He also said that 80 million doses of the vaccine are being shipped across the world as we speak.

President Biden revealed his plan of shipping 500 million extra doses to one hundred countries around the world.

  • Under this scheme 300 million doses will start shipping by the end of August,2021 and 200 million doses will be shipped in the first quarter of 2022.
He also mentioned the fact that these vaccines will be provided free of cost with “no strings attached”. 

President Biden was accompanied by Pfizer C.E.O. Albert Bourla during the full extent of his address to the Press.


  1. You left out Biden’s response to the only hard question he got: “120 days, give me a break, give me time. Then he did what he usually does best, he escaped any more questions.

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