Deciphering U.S.A. – Russia relations at NATO.

Source – reuters

“In one sentence based on the press conference held by both leaders, neither agreed on anything apart from mutual tackling of COVID-19 pandemic”.

On the issue of Cyber Security

Replying to a question asked by a reporter Vladimir Putin told the press that if somebody is to blame for cybercrime it is the USA and not Russia.

Joe Biden in his address mentioned about hacks in pipelines and solar wind panels blaming Russia.

On the issue of Alexei Navalny

Source – new Indian express

Joe Biden while addressing Vladimir Putin said It is not about Russia but we will continue to raise questions of fundamental human rights. If Alexei Navalny dies than there will be grave consequences for Russia.

While Vladimir Putin said it was not a targeted attack on one person but someone who has violated the Russian laws. He was convicted twice for that.

On the issue of Political Prisoners

Source – dna

Vladimir Putin said that in America somebody gets killed daily, hardly anyone talks about that. The political leadership takes these decisions collectively. Torture is applied in prisons all over the world is that human rights?

Joe Biden told the press that he will not rest until the prisoners are released.

On the issue of strong and firm relations

Source – reuters

Joe Biden told the press that there are 16 areas of strategic importance that Russia needs to work on. The coming three to six months will decide whether our talks made an impact or not?

Vladimir Putin asked Who withdrew from the ABM treaty? Than INF? Then they withdrew from the open skies treaty and you think we are unpredictable? In order to reach stability we need to agree on the areas we talked about and I believe we will reach there, at least that impression arose after meeting with Biden.

Views for each other?

Source – dhakatribune

Vladimir Putin called Joe Biden an experienced leader and said the talks were productive.

Joe Biden on the other hand asserted that Putin is losing credibility but he also mentioned that the atmosphere of the meeting was good.

Other issues raised in the meeting were – Iran Nuclear Deal, China (raised by USA), Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine(the Minsk agreement) and Libya.


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