Third wave of COVID-19 is waiting at your doorstep. But don’t let it in!

The third wave has already arrived, claims Dr. Vipin Paul (physicist) pro-vice-chancellor, University of Hyderabad. Dr. Paul said July 4 recorded a similar trend like the beginning of the 2nd wave saw. While the data may be true there’s a lack of evidence to back the declaration.

AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria has said that the third wave can be more severe than the second wave “If an immuno-escape variant of the virus emerges and all restrictions are eased”.

On the other hand Dr Samiran Panda, Head of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases at the Indian Council of Medical Research has said “that while the third wave is inevitable, it may hit the nation by August-end, but will be of less intensity than the second wave”. He however added that if the virus mutates further, India could see almost 1 lakh cases every single day with the onset of the third wave.

On the issue of tourists satisfying their wanderlust by crowding places like Shimla and Manali, Dr Panda said “Such travel should be avoided as it leads to changes in population density..”

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VK Paul of NITI Aayog (health department) in a media briefing mentioned that right now the situation in India is “under control” but we are far away from developing herd immunity either by vaccination or natural infections.

Meanwhile Dr Devi Shetty, chairman of the Karnataka Covid expert committee accepted that it is difficult to predict the timing and the severity of a third wave. He further added “Following Covid appropriate behaviour , like avoiding mass gatherings and wearing masks will help contain the spread of the infection”.

Another important aspect of the third wave that cannot be missed is its Impact on Children.

It has been widely claimed that children will be infected the most during the third Covid-19 wave but experts said that there is no scientific evidence to prove it and asked people to stay away from such disinformation, which has been on the rise since the outbreak of pandemic.


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