China registers new COVID-19 cases after one year.

Source – chinadaily

China has recorded one new COVID-19 case on Monday. The latest outbreaks have caused more than 350 infections in at least 27 cities in 18 provinces across China. After successfully containing the novel coronavirus since May last year.

Wuhan, the city where the first case of novel coronavirus emerged in 2019 will test all its 12 million citizens through Nucleic acid testing. Six residential communities of Haidian district in Beijing have also been put under lockdown.

The first new case was recorded on July 20 in the Nanjing province of Jiangsu at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport where cleaners got infected after disinfecting a plane from Russia, possibly due to poor sanitation and protection.

A couple on their way to Beijing on a high speed train from Zhangjiajie, Central China’s Hunan Province had tested positive on Wednesday with mild symptoms. All 38,000 people from where the couple live, work have been tested and none turned positive. In the latest outbreak, Central China’s Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie, has become a new hotspot.

In Yangzhou the outbreak got worse in the city centre after a 64-year-old woman left her locked-down Nanjing neighbourhood to visit family in Yangzhou, where she entered restaurants and shops.

China has vaccinated 1.7 Billion people as of 2nd August, 2021. It plans to fully vaccinate 70% of its population by the end of 2021. But the recent spike in cases may derail its effort to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.


  1. Amazing How Well
    China Has Mastered
    The Pandemic
    Overall Through
    Unity Of Action
    There Is No True
    Freedom Without


    And Taking
    Care of Each
    Other Whereas
    Where i Live in
    The Epicenter of
    (In Florida Storm Clouds)
    The Pandemic Parents
    Won’t Even Wear
    Masks to Protect
    Now From
    The Pandemic
    Or Even Take The
    Free Vaccination
    To Protect Their


    Call That Their
    Freedom That
    Sadly is Sending
    People to The Hospital
    And In Some




    While Children
    Breathe With
    Ventilators if



    Cared About Safety
    They Would Be Saved
    Storm Clouds of A

    “Fortnite” Here…

    There is No True
    Freedom Without

    Of Each
    Other As
    “They” Say

    “Love One Another”
    A Cross As Light As
    A Mask And Shot to
    Protect is Really Not
    That Heavy To Save


    Of Breathing Life🪴

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