First Official Meeting Between Indian Diplomat and Taliban.

Indian Envoy to Qatar Deepak Mittal met Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai Taliban’s head of political office in Doha.

This is the first meeting between Indian Diplomats and Talibans leaders which has been made public.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai had trained with the Indian Army between 1970-1980. He speaks English and has travelled across the globe. In 1996 he was the Foregin Minister of the Taliban when the group first gained power under Mohammad Omar four years after the Mujhadeen toppled the Mohammad Najibullah’s Communist government.

The Ministry of External Affairs, India notified the media about the meeting held between Deepak Mittal and “Sheru” in Doha. The focus of discussion was centred around not using Afghanistan soil for anti-India terrorism activities and safe withdrawal of Indian nationals in Afghanistan.


  1. I pray the Mittal’s discussions will yield clear benefits and that the Taliban will recognize that spreading seeds of hatred and distrust in other countries will simply bring them back to 2001 and the toppling of their attempt at governance. India is too great a nation to let the Taliban pollute it with their perverse understanding of Sharia law. 🙏, c.a.

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