India chaired the 13th BRICS Summit. China to chair the 14th.

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On 9th September 2021, PM Narendra Modi chaired the 13th BRICS summit. The Meeting was attended by Pres. Xi Jinping, Pres. Vladimir Putin, PM Jair Bolsanaro and Pres. Cyril Ramaposa.

“U.S. and its allies withdrawing from Afghanistan has led to a new crisis and it is unclear how it will affect our regional and global security” – Vladimir Putin.

What is BRICS?

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Jim O’ Neill the Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs coined the term BRIC in 2001. The Acronym stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China. The Big 4, world’s most rapidly growing economies. His analysis was that these four economies would produce the majority wealth of the world by 2040. In 2010, South Africa also became a member country of the BRIC, hence the acronym BRICS.

The combined population of BRICS is 3.14 Billion (2021) which is approximately 45% of the world population and a Nominal GDP of $28 trillion (2020).

The preeminent function for the construction of BRICS was the combined economic development of its members which includes the developing and developed world economies. In recent years regional security, maritime security and collective stand on international matters also formed the agenda of the summit.

Who said what at the virtual BRICS Summit 2021?

Brazil – PM Bolsonaro said “The Brazil and India strategic partnership goes through an excellent point in time. Especially in the field of science and technology, energy and healthcare. With Russia we are interested in diversifying our exports including the agribusiness trade ties. With South Africa we have a decade long bilateral relations. Majority of Brazilians received vaccines produced with inputs from China.”

Russia – President Putin said “Covid 19 has affected all spheres of our lives. A new spiral of crisis in Afghanistan stems from the intention to build this so-called democracy, democratic structures without taking into account either historic features or traditions. Russians have fought for decades and deserve the right of defining what the states will look like on its own. Afghan territory must not be a source of drug trafficking and terrorism. It results in destabilization and chaos and the entire International Community will have to clear out the mess as a result.”

India – PM Modi said “India has chosen Intra-BRICS cooperation for continuity, consolidation and consensus. These 4C are the core values of BRICS. BRICS has reinforced multilateralism. BRICS counter terrorism action plan and remote senseing satellite constilation will open a new chapter include BRICS alliance on green tourism.”

China – President Xi said “Over the past 15 years Our 5 countries have supported multilateralism and we have become an international stage to be reckoned with. If we pull our mind and our effort then we can make smooth, solid and sustained progress in BRICS cooperation.”

South Africa – President Ramaphosa said “BRICS needs to support the proposal made by India and South Africa at the W.T.O. to ensure Covid 19 vaccine production around the World. We seek reform of the UNSC to enable Africa to take its rightful place among the collective nations of the World.”

While Russia criticised the role of U.S. and her allies regarding the change of events in Afghanistan countries like China and India avoided the issue while focusing on strengthening multilateralism.

As of now BRICS stand on recognising or rejecting the new political hierarchy of Afghanistan is unclear. However it is evident that all of the five nations want Afghanistan to be stable for it to become a part of the global governance.

“In the year 2021 BRICS has conducted more than 150 meetings out of which more than 20 are held at ministerial level” – Narendra Modi.


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