Why do Social Changes & Movements Matter?

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What is social change?

Sociologists characterize social change as changes in human communications and connections that change social and social establishments. These progressions happen over the long run and frequently have significant and long haul ramifications for society. It is the changes in social foundations, social practices or social relations.

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What are the elements of social change?

Citizens – Numerous citizens feel a feeling of obligation to their society and are effectively associated with exercises to improve the personal satisfaction there. This is called ‘citizen participation’. For instance, neighborhood citizens participate in deliberate work, to increase the standards of living.

Mass Media – The media act as an effective apparatus for social change. The mass media, considered as the fourth pillar of democracy, which informs, boasts the society and social elements, are the most significant tools for motivating and discouraging people.

Environment – The social structure of a society is closely related with the changes in the size, composition and distri­bution of population. Generally, changes in the physical environment force migration of people in large numbers and this brings major changes in social life and cultural values.

Why is social change important?

Social change leads to increased awareness and more understanding due to the presence of more information in the community, which empowers individuals to settle on educated choices dependent on the scenario at hand. There is likewise improved civic cooperation ascribed to change in the mentality of the general population, which inspires them to address cases of injustice. Social change is necessary to make viable modifications to behavior, relations, and social organizations.

How do social changes affect us?

When a positive social change occurs in the society, Individual and group morale are improved and there is an overall sense of cohesion and well-being.

Some of the important social movements of 20th and 21st century are :-

• Arab Spring (Africa)
• Animal Rights Movement

• Black Lives Matter (U.S.A.)

• Catholic Emancipation (England)

• Chipko Movement (India)

• Ethiopian Movement (Ethiopia)

• Feminism Movement

• Lawyer’s Movement (Pakistan)

• May Fourth Movement (China)

• Me Too Movement

• Organic Movement

• Quit India Movement (India)

• Salt Movement (India)

• Summer Protest (Russia)

• The Civil Rights Movement (U.S.A.)

• The Gay Liberation Movement (U.S.A.)

• Veganism Movement

• World Cleanup Movement

• Women Suffrage Movement


  1. Absolutely informative and enlightening post!

    Social movements have contributed a lot to the society. However not all.
    There are some movements that drowned in the flood of money and power.

    Loved the post.😃

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