Narendra Modi’s speech amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

Note - This is an English translation of the speech. 
  • From 21st June, International Yoga Day, everyone above the age of 18 will get free vaccines. The Indian government will buy 75% of the total produce and provide it to the states.
  • Today 7 companies are producing vaccines. 3 vaccines are in phase III clinical trials. A new Nasal covid vaccine is also being researched upon in our country.
Source – nature

We have vaccinated 30 crore(300 million) citizens. Our scientists and medical professionals showed the developed world that we are not far behind.

Our mission is to vaccinate every citizen and reach every citizen.

We started the Indradanush Mission (Rainbow Mission) and in just 5-6 years the vaccine coverage extended to 90% which was 60% before 2014.

Source – the economic times

In the months of April and May India saw a huge demand for medical oxygen. We started an Oxygen Rail, the Air Force, the Navy was used for supplying liquid oxygen. Liquid oxygen production was ramped up by 10X.
  • A section of the media also campaigned for decentralisation of vaccine procurement so addressing the demands, we transferred 25% of the workload to the states and the states have performed.

“Winners don’t give up in harsh conditions, instead they work hard and win”.

Source – indiatoday

Through Atma Nirbhar (Self Dependent) Bharat, Mission Covid Suraksha (Safety), we gave 1000 crore (approx $140 Million, £100 Million) to vaccine manufacturers.
Private hospitals can charge at max ₹150 over the initial cost of the vaccine.
  • We should remember that the pace of vaccination in India is far better than many developed nations. Our Covin App has been gathering positive light throughout the world and many countries want to use it.

“One dose of vaccine can save one life”.

Source – qz

Last year when lockdown was imposed, through Pradhan Mantri Garib Ann Yojana (Prime Minister’s Poor welfare scheme) we provided 80 crore (800 million) people with free ration and we will continue it till Deepavali. That is until November.
  • When Indian made vaccines were launched many conspiracy theories were floated to increase vaccine hesitancy. “You are playing with the life of innocent citizens”.
  • Ease in restriction doesn’t mean Corona is gone. We need to be attentive and keep following safety protocols.

“I firmly believe we will win this fight against Corona. India will win this fight against Corona”.

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