Who will govern Afghanistan? Democracy or Militancy?

Source – arabnews

The Biden government may be lagging behind its July 4 commitment to vaccinate all adults but it is doing a commendable job at evacuating all its troops way before the September 11 deadline.

Judging by the current pace of evacuation it seems that by July 4 only a handful number of soldiers will be left behind to protect U.S. diplomats in Afghanistan, who may then get struck in the looming Civil War once the evacuation of U.S. and NATO troops is completed in the country of uncertainty.

How much of Afghanistan is governed by the Taliban?

Source – Foreginaffarirs

As of 2nd July, 2021 Taliban, has gained control over 157 districts, is contesting with the Afghanistan government over 308 districts and Afghan government has control over 90 districts.

The Taliban has its own set of laws based on the interpretation of Sharia. It has also developed a parallel state with different commanders working in the occupied districts. 

What is the total number of troops in Afghanistan?

Source – thenewyorktimes

In 2008, Afghanistan harboured more than 56,000 Foregin troops. Out of which 32,500 were from the USA and 23,500 NATO troops. In 2011 there were as many as 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

As on 2nd July, 2021 around 2,500 soldiers remain who are eagerly waiting to board the next flight back home. USA in it’s official statement made it clear that 650 troops will remain in Afghanistan to protect its Kabul consulate.

The infamous Bagram airbase has been evacuated completely and handed over to the Afghan army. The airbase served as the epicentre to fight al-Qaeda after the 9/11 attack on the world trade centre in the USA.

Over the last twenty years more than 5,000 troops of the USA and NATO have lost their lives in the line of fire. 

Why have the diplomatic talks not produced results?

Source – aljazeera

The Doha agreement of 2020 between the Trump administration and Taliban leader Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada and his officials have not been successful as of yet.

Source – aljazeera

Hamid Karzai, Former President of Afghanistan says – “This is our country, we are her sons. Afghanistan has faced devastating circumstances in the last forty years. Nobody else but we must provide for our security. Especially my plea is with Pakistan to recognise that a future lies in a civilized relation away from extremism”.

USA had poured approximately $2.3 trillion over twenty years in strengthening its military in Afghanistan. Evidently, it is has not produced any permanent solution to the persisting problem. But if the $2.3 trillion would have been used in humanitarian assistance than perhaps Afghanistan could have been one of the most successful nation of Asia.


      • No Aashwin, the govt forces have been able to reclaim very few districts. Its cipher compared to the Taliban’s gains. If you check and analyse the Twitter timelines of the Afghan Defence Ministry, army corps, independent journalists and trusted social media users and media sources, the picture will e clear. As far as revenues and diplomatic acceptance are concerned, several govts are already cooperating with the Taliban. Instead of treating them as a banned militant outfit, they are treating them at par with the Afghan government. The militants have already captured almost all major border crossings in the north and west. This way the customs departments of these border crossings have also come under their control, and above all they also have the thriving narcotics trade.

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      • Yes, narcotics, oil, tax system are the main source of revenue for the Taliban. You are also correct in saying that many countries are supporting the Taliban for their own petty gains and to continue their proxy war through the Taliban. I’ve said that the Afghan military have regained the areas based on the comments made by few young politicians and social workers working in Afghanistan. I will definitely analyse the sources that you have suggested.

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  1. Well I have to disagree with some comments, like the one about who won the election. I do believe only a blind person would see Joe as a winner. Joe got 21 million votes & President Trump got 84 million, only a DemonRat would see that as a landslide win for Biden, simply because they all about Deception. This is just another deception. But news flash .. this Continues Deception, could cost them their lives & careers. But it’s already too late, to concern ourselves with their matters. They’ll have to face the music 🎶. They know what they did & didn’t do, so we may see some Truth coming out of office

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    • Look Catherine you may be right and I don’t disagree with you, but the Capitol Hill vote count and made it clear that Joe Biden is the winner. Even if he is not still we got to stick with for at least 5 years. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, the Pres. has taken the easy of evacuation of soldiers instead of working with with the Afghan government to find a positive solution.

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      • No way in hell did he win. The evidence is in everyone’s face. Go look at Trump rallies x Joe 6 people rallies. President Trump even now gets 150k views on one channel watching his rallies. Joe can’t get 1000 views in a week. If he has so much support , where is it ? I see Trump flags & fans everywhere. I never see Biden flags & supporters WHY ? Dead voters can show support . It’s bad enough we got 21 million brain dead idiots who did elect him but trying to tell us 80 million, would make Americans the dumbest nation in the world. Let’s be honest this man can’t even talk without cards and notes or someone feeding him info. He has been in office 47 years and hasn’t achieved one accomplishment in all 47 year’s besides very bad crime bill, which was very bad for the Blacks. So on what grounds would someone elect him , on his accomplishments – I don’t think so.

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      • Capital Hill is full of criminals and liars sad to tell you. You can’t trust them . Go look at the staggering amount of voter fraud and let’s not talk about 10+ foreign countries who aided in the fraud. I thought foreign interference was a NO NO well then how come they had 10+ countries aiding them ? You think they care about legal. These people worship Satan everything they do, involves Deception. If the Supreme Court weren’t so corrupt they’d bother looking at the evidence & there’s way too much evidence. They all exposing themselves by their actions, right in front of our eyes & yet the blind 🐑🐑🐑 can’t see.

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      • Exactly, the developments in Afghanistan show the US has left Afghanistan in a lurch. It convinced the Afghan president to free several thousand Taliban prisoners, which has swelled the group’s armed ranks enabling it to carry out its violence across the country. Won’t be surprising if the Taliban make more military gains and push the country towards a civil war.

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      • Yes when the Taliban captured different cities it freed the prisoners to increase its strength. If the country is pushed towards Civil War than the citizens, economy both will suffer.


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