Money or No Money? What helps a state in transition?

The Taliban announced an acting government on 10th September 2021, that is one day before 11 September, a day which allowed the U.S. to invade Afghanistan in 2001.

After the announcement of some key members of the acting government in Afghanistan, on 8th September a meeting between Foregin Ministers of its neighbouring countries was chaired by China.

In the meeting Wang Yi the Foregin Minister of China announced that China will provide 3 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Afghanistan, as well as emergency humanitarian aid worth 200 million yuan ($31 million) including food, medicines and other materials for winter.

The Foreign Ministers meeting was held among China, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Taliban had also invited China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey on 10th September to be a part of the “acting cabinet” announcement. 

Why is China reacting so rapidly while India and the West watch?

In situations such as these there are two sound initiatives, one is to not send any humanitarian aid, money or other vital help and watch the situation for a few more months but that will lead around a million more Afghanis to plunge into destitution, hunger and take back Afghanistan by decades. 

Or the second initiative is to send enough money to support the humanitarian crisis meanwhile not recognising the regime in power. But since you exercise no control over the state or the regime it’s like gambling. 

However neither of the two cases are with China. The Chinese side has not made public statements regarding the acting government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

It is not sure whether the “New Taliban” would fulfill its promises of not making Afghanistan a safe haven for terrorists or use its soil for drug trafficking. China is also unclear about the Taliban’s stand on the ETIM movement even if it has asked the new regime to not let the movement gain momentum.

Pakistan the winner.

In the recent turn of events in West Asia the clear winner as of now is Pakistan. One may argue about the TTP threat but in recent years the movement has slowed down its activities. Even at the “acting government” announcement ceremony, India was not invited.

While the Chinese and Pakistanis have blamed India for strengthening the TTP as an alternative to disturb Pakistan and to gain some ground in the “New Taliban” regime. It will be interesting to see what stand would these countries take on the turbulent situation in Afghanistan at the SCO meeting scheduled to be held between 16th to 19th September in Dushanbe.

According to World Bank and UN estimates there are at least assets worth $10 Billion frozen overseas of the new Taliban regime.


  1. It will be interesting, indeed. An oft-quoted Chinese curse (but not really) says, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, we are there. Thanx for this newsy update, my friend. c.a.

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