Terrifying COVID-19 situation in India and is there a Silver Lining?

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On 26th April, 2021 India registered 3.52 lakh or 352,991 new COVID-19 cases and 2,812 deaths. One year ago on this very day the total number of infections were 1,607 and 56 deaths. According to sources every minute more than 200 people are getting infected from the novel coronavirus in India. Total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India is 17 million. So yes the situation is terrifying at this time.

What led to the sudden spike in infections?

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India started her vaccination drive on 16th January but Indians had a feeling at the start of 2021 that they have defeated the virus just by wearing masks and practising social distancing. So, many people began travelling to different states amid the Holi, Kumbh and Ramadan festivities, ignoring the safety protocol and most of them also hesitated in taking the vaccine.

Source – aljazeera

Disinformation has to take credit for creating vaccine hesitancy in India”.

India also allowed opening of businesses by November last year where large numbers of people worked together with very little scope of practising social distancing. Little did they know that the COVID-19 was a ticking time bomb and when the needle reached zero it was a blast of infections with the central and state government unable to get a grip over the situation.

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The vaccine is being developed at a slow pace and the medical oxygen crisis throughout India is just increasing the number of deaths day by day. On an average, 30 people are dying daily due to the oxygen crisis.

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How can we overcome the second wave of infections?

India needs to significantly increase vaccine production and vaccinate at least 7-10 million people every day. Lockdown may decrease the pace of infections but it is just a temporary solution. Vaccination is the only permanent solution if we want to overcome the pandemic.

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Right now India is vaccinating approximately 2.5 million people every day. But it is not making an impact as the positivity rate is also reaching record high every day. At this rate it would take India 2.4 years to vaccinate 75% of the population.

So what is the Silver Lining?

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India as of 26th April, 2021 has supplied vaccines to 95 countries with 663.698 lakh doses of Indian made COVID-19 vaccine. Countries like the U.K, U.S.A, U.A.E have agreed to ship the vital raw materials needed for the production of the vaccines. Germany and France have confirmed to send oxygen to overcome the medical oxygen crisis. Iran has said that it is ready to provide any technological assistance if needed.

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So far India has vaccinated 141,102,416 people. Out of the 17 million positive cases 14 million have recovered from the COVID-19 virus. India is the first country to vaccinate 140 million people in record time. On May 1st, India will start the vaccine drive for people between 18-45 years of age. This amounts to 600,000,000 people. Most of the states have announced to provide free vaccination at the government vaccine centres and hospitals.

Source – aljazeera

By the end of May India would be producing 15 million doses of indigenous and foreign vaccines every day. At that pace 75% of the population or 1,020,000,000 people will receive both doses of the vaccine within 9 months.


  1. Thank you for the post Aashwin. I hope vaccination should be done in proper manner. We should be more aware of our helath and safety.

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  2. I think the one reason for the sudden spike in the cases is the misconception of the people that India had defeated the pandemic by the introduction of vaccines. And therefore they thought there was no requirement of the precautionary measures anymore.
    People weren’t wearing any masks, no more use of sanitizers to keep the hands hygienic.
    It is not right.

    They don’t know the seriousness of the issue I must say, at least most of them don’t. I have had enough experience to prove this!!
    And at the final moment, when they have played well in the crowds they come and get admitted to the hospitals. The doctors and nurses are literally suffering. Most of the aren’t even going to their homes. Health workers are begging them to stay in.

    And now, the fight for oxygen in the northern states. Idk where this is heading to. 🤐

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    • They are headed towards tough days for a while at least. The misconception was not the introduction of vaccine as most of the people hesitated at first in taking the shots but the prevalent belief that I’ve followed the safety protocols for a year and now everything is back to normal.

      This irresponsible behaviour and the vibes of festival provided fuel for the raging fire.


  3. Nicely detailed out. Yes, the situation is grim and the second wave is more dangerous than the first one. The open age group vaccination is the only solution.
    The silver lining in this criteria – Government has allowed only online registration participants to take vaccine and walk-ins are not allowed which will control the situation at the vaccination centers. Hope we pass through this situation soon!

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  4. Yes the covid situation in India is really terrifying. India had come of the first wave pretty well. The covid pandemic exposed china’s communist party’s coverup and lies to the world. People should continue to oppose this regime in China.

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      • No, I dont think its the vaccinations. People in China are opposing the communist party, many millions have expressed their disapproval by quitting ccp affiliated organizations in China(Tuidang movement). People are opposing the communist party silently. If we look at Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam all these countries are not affected by covid, they are against ccp.


  5. Every cloud has a silver lining…I hope the same with the current situation. We should always keep in mind that ever cliche but in a way make sense— “This too shall pass and we’ll see the new sun”.

    Stay safe. Take care.

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  6. Informative post.Basically people should wear face mask, practice social distancing and should voluntary ask for vaccination.We as “Corona warrior ” and system is trying our level best to save lives.Have a nice day.

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  7. Thank you very much for this insightful post! It’s been very difficult for me hearing the news of what is happening in India, especially as I am in Australia which hasn’t witnessed the widespread impacts of the virus. I recently posted an article on my blog about the recent outbreak in India and what we can do to support worldwide. If you have time, it would be great if you could check out my post and let me know your thoughts! Thank you and wishing you all the best 🙂

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    • Yes, In the U.S. most of the counties in Texas and other places has stopped vaccination in at large centres because nobody is going.

      So what they can do is ship these vaccines to countries which need them the most right now.

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